At Summit Dermatology Partners, we are passionate about empowering exceptional leaders and helping them grow. We have a unique, decentralized model whereby we encourage our partners to retain the individual attributes that patients recognize and that has made their business so successful. The skincare industry is fast moving and the opportunities to grow and adapt are endless. We are here to support providers as they take care of their teams and continue to provide world-class patient care.

Message from Nidhi Mitra, Managing Partner

Thank you for your interest in Summit! We founded Summit in 2018 to be a unique partnership model for dermatologists committed to delivering exceptional patient care. We are a team committed to growing enduring, purpose-driven companies by prioritizing our people and doing the right thing for patients. Every decision we make is guided by our core values:

  • In Service to our Team: We care about each member of our team, invest in our people and empower our partners through localized decision making
  • Unwavering Character: We act with honesty, humility, disciplined fairness and transparency in all manners
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation: We think strategically and innovatively about how to best grow your practice
  • Persistence: We are relentless in pursuing our vision and goals

Our intent is to maintain what makes your practice unique and special while working alongside you to navigate the ever changing dermatology landscape. We are committed to growing your practice and working alongside physician owners to help you achieve the legacy you envision for your practice. If you are interested in learning more about potential partnership opportunities, or if you are just interested in comparing notes on what we’re seeing in the market, I encourage you to reach out at any time.

Best Regards,